John E. Ikerd

 Professor Emeritus of Agricultural Economics 
University of Missouri Columbia 

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Small Farms are Real Farms:

Sustaining People Through Agriculture

Available from Acres USA, Inc.

* Why is America experiencing a small farm revolution?

* Why is it important to sustain people, not just agriculture?

* How can small farms be managed for sustainability?

* What are the economic keys to small farm sustainability

* Why does America need small farms for food security?

Return to Common Sense

Available from or other on-line sellers.


* How did America become an unsustainable society?

* What is the new vision of societal sustainability?

* What does common sense have to do with sustainability?

* Why do we need revolution rather than evolution?

* How can we achieve the victory of sustainability?

Crisis and Opportunity:

Sustainability in American Agriculture

Available from University of Nebraska Press


* How is crisis and agriculture related to sustainability?

* What is driving the sustainable agriculture movement?

* What are the key principles of sustainable farming?

* What’s different about the new American farmers?

* How can we create a new sustainable food system?

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Revolution of the Middle… Pursuit of Happiness

Now available on - Kindle

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* What’s really wrong with today’s economy?

* Are capitalism and democracy sustainable?

* What if we saw the world differently?

* How can we find purpose and meaning in life?

* What is the source of true happiness?

* How can we reclaim our society and economy

The Essentials of Economic Sustainability

Available from Lynne Rienner Publishers

* Why are societies that give priority to economics unsustainable?

* What are the essential hierarchies of sustainable economics?

* What are the essential principles of sustainable economies?

* What are the essential characteristics of markets?

* What are the essential functions of government?

* How does economic sustainability relate to happiness?

The Case for Common Sense

Free on-line

  1. *An Awakening

  2. *The Villain

  3. *The Vision

  4. *The Victory

  5. *Seeds of Hope

Sustainable Capitalism: A Matter of Common Sense

Available from Lynne Rienner Publishers


* Why is today’s capitalist economy unsustainable?

* What are the essentials of a sustainable economy?

* How can we manage sustainable organizations?

* What are the three economies of sustainability?

* How can we manage a sustainable economy?